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Our meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of every month from 7pm to 9pm (except July and December when there are no meetings).

Members of the public are very welcome to come along. For details of the dates, times and location of our next meetings, and meeting minutes and agendas, click on the links below.

To let us know that you would like to come along to one of our meetings, click on the link next to the meeting date.

Picnic table on Aboyne Green

Our next meetings


The minutes posted here are 'approved'. This means that they have been signed-off as an accurate record of the relevant meeting. This sign-off happens at the meeting following that to which the minutes relate.

Minutes meeting 24 August 2023

Minutes meeting 27 April 2023

Minutes meeting 25 January 2024

Minutes meeting 22 June 2023

Minutes meeting 23 March 2023

Minutes meeting 23 November 2023

Minutes meeting 25 May 2023

Minutes meeting 26 January 2023

Minutes meeting 28 September 2023

Minutes AGM 23 June 2022

Minutes meeting 24 November 2023

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